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We publish and sell map and guide books for rivers in the Western United States that offer multi-day whitewater boating opportunities.  We're working to add additional rivers every year, so let us know if there's one you want us to include!


RiverMaps™ map books "go with the flow"

Each map is oriented so the river flows upward on the page.  No more turning your map upside down or twisting your head to read it 

RiverMaps™ map books are printed with USGS 7.5' topographic maps as the background

Our map books are scaled at the original map scale of 2,000 feet per inch.  Additional information is added for river runners, including river mileage, campsites, rapids, and other features of interest. These maps provide information to river runners who want to see more of the river corridor. They’re great for planning side hikes!

RiverMaps™ map books are printed on water-resistant paper

 Our map books are specially made for all-weather use.  The maps measure 8-1/2 x 14 inches – much larger than most river guide books.  The books have spiral binding and stiff covers that make them lay flat and easy to use. 


Colorado Rivers
Thanks to our great friend, David Abel, and the corona virus schitt-show that gave him time to help us, we have a new website that doesn’t look like it’s straight from the late 1990s. Thanks, David! We also have a new guidebook coming for the Do...
Colorado Rivers
We have a new guidebook for the Arkansas River in Colorado! The book covers just over 117 miles of river from Hayden Meadows near Leadville to Cañon City. This includes Pine Creek Raid, the Numbers, the Fractions, Browns Canyon, the Royal Gorge ...
Colorado Rivers
We frequently get inquiries about a guidebook for the Dolores River. We have been working with the Dolores River Boating Advocates on a guidebook that willl be published by DRBA and marketed with our assistance. They are soliciting donations to ...
Check out our coffee cup!If you are like us, you spend more days in the office than you do on the river. That means you probably spend a lot of time with a hot beverage nearby or in your hand. When we decided it was time to come up with some promotio...

Got a great photo that you think should be published for one of the rivers we cover? Send us an email at the contact link below. You'll get credit for the photo and a free copy of the book if we use your photograph.


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